News and appearances

With my vacation and the hurricane, I haven’t had a chance to announce my good news about The Boyfriend Thief here. So here goes: My agent sold translation rights in both the Czech Republic and China!

What does that mean? It means that publishers in both countries will be translating the book and then releasing print versions within those countries. Translation rights don’t always get sold on books that are published in the US, but it’s always a fun bonus when it does happen. Something to Blog About was sold to an Italian publisher after it came out, but Troy High hasn’t yet sold any translation rights. As an author, you hope that translation deals will happen but it’s never guaranteed.

It’s even more exciting for me to sell translation rights because The Boyfriend Thief is my self-published book. I have no big marketing campaign from a publisher behind me. The success of the book during the two months it’s been out has come from all of you for reading and spreading the word. Thank you all so much for your support! I’ve been blown away by the response to the book and am working hard on my next release to give you something new to read.

More news: This Saturday, September 10, I will be appearing at the BOOKMARKS Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I’ll be speaking starting at 1:00pm, and will sign copies of Troy High afterward, which the festival will have for sale there. If you’re in the area, come out and see me! Hopefully I won’t get into an accident and end up in the hospital again like the last time I tried to go to an appearance in Winston-Salem. And also, I’m hoping that my postcards for The Boyfriend Thief arrive in time for me to give those out at the festival.


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