Sneak Peek Friday (& Pickles)

Look what I made last night!


Homemade dill pickles, with fresh dill and everything. I’m learning how to can fruits and vegetables and so the first thing I decided to make were pickles. Because I really love pickles.

I eat them all the time. And we plant cucumbers in our garden and end up with tons and tons, so I decided to pickle some this year. Except that now that I went through the whole canning process I already want to open them back up and eat them. I do still have some store bought pickles to hold me over for a while. My grandma Mary, who passed away a couple years ago, used to make pickles and I always loved eating them at family dinners when I was a kid, so this reminds me of her.

Anyway, it’s the last Friday before the release of The Boyfriend Thief! So today I’m giving you all of chapter one. Click here to read it for free!