When You Found Me

When You Found Me

“Let’s just drive somewhere. I don’t care where.”

Still dealing with the heartache of her dad’s death, Harper Carlyle has a seizure in front of her best friend and entire gym class. Now she’s lost everything: her dad, her friends, her boyfriend, the life she knew and loved. Driving privileges are gone due to the seizures and she’s too afraid to get back on a horse, though not riding again will mean losing her place in a college equestrian team.

To escape it all Harper does something she never imagined: gives Sean McIntyre the keys to her car. Sean, who kissed her last year—and then was attacked by the guy who became her boyfriend, with Harper to blame.

But Sean doesn’t let Harper push him away easily. He pulls her into his group of friends, drives her where she wants to go, and Harper finds herself enjoying his company. As she spends more time in her car riding along with Sean, the two grow closer and Harper begins to share her deepest fears with him. When she is afraid she’s growing too close to Sean, Harper does something she regrets and wishes she could go back to change it all.

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What Inspired Me

In November 2015 I woke up around 2:30am to find two EMS technicians standing over my bed and looking down at me along with my husband. I’d had a tonic-clinic, or grand mal, seizure in the middle of the night, the first I’d ever had. That was not the last one, and my life with unexplained epilepsy began.

During that time I had so many thoughts and questions about what was happening and why. And so Harper’s story began in my mind and I wrote about my own feelings and questions through her.

I write more about my story at the end of the book in an author’s note. I hope for those of you who are going through the same things, Harper’s story is something you can relate to and one that will give you hope that there is a such thing as a normal life while dealing with epilepsy.


Inspiration Soundtrack

These are the songs that inspired me while writing. I have no affiliation with these artists.

“Mended” – Matthew West

“Broken” – Lifehouse

“Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” – The Band Perry

“If God Made You” – Five For Fighting

“Look After You” – The Fray

“Shattered” – O.A.R.

“You Hear a Song” – Cassadee Pope

“You Found Me” – The Fray

“Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

“Help Me Find It” – Sidewalk Prophets