The Secrets Between You and Me

FINAL_9.224 wheels on a rusty truck * 2 gray eyes * 1 secret that could ruin everything…

All Hannah wanted was a summer break from being “perfect Hannah Cohen” and a chance to forget about the devastating family secret that could ruin her seemingly perfect life. So when she takes off for her eccentric aunt’s house in the mountains of North Carolina and everyone makes one big (wrong) assumption about her past, Hannah figures that it’s easier to live a lie than have to face the truth.

She never expected to make any real friends, like the hilarious and spontaneous Kate and Ashton, who drag her to late night bonfires and ice cream marathons. And she especially never counted on meeting Jude Westmore, the brooding bad boy next door with gray eyes and permanent oil smudges on his fingers, or that he would ever take an interest in her.

Between moonlit movie nights in the bed of Jude’s truck and nearly romantic Ferris Wheel rides, Hannah’s old life seems further away than ever, but can she keep her secret, or is the truth worth the risk of losing everything, including Jude?

THE SECRETS BETWEEN YOU AND ME is a companion novel to THE BOYFRIEND THIEF and the second book in Shana Norris’s Stolen Kiss series.

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Ever wondered what was up with Hannah in The Boyfriend Thief? Why did she make the deal with Avery? Why did she want to break up with Zac? Find out Hannah’s story in The Secrets Between You and Me, which takes place a few weeks after The Boyfriend Thief ends. This is a companion book to The Boyfriend Thief, but can be enjoyed on its own as a standalone novel.


These are the songs I listed to while working on The Secrets Between You and Me. I’m not affiliated with these musicians or their record companies in any way, I just enjoy their music and added them to my playlist for this book.

  • “Carry This Picture” by Dashboard Confessional
  • “Acoustic #3″ by Goo Goo Dolls
  • “Come On Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson
  • “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Billy Idol
  • “Hear You Me” by Jimmy Eat World
  • “If I Am” by Nine Days
  • “In the Sun” by Michael Stipe
  • “Pony (It’s OK)” by Erin McCarley
  • “Lullaby” by Shawn Mullins
  • “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes
  • “She Says” by Howie Day
  • “When I Fall” by Jonathan Cour
  • “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri
  • “Thunder” by Boys Like Girls